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Monday, November 21, 2011

The Various Methods to Cure Sinus Problems

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If your sinusitis has not become chronic then there are few very simple things that you can incorporate to cure sinus problems. The first of it is to take antibiotics. This is needed to fight the infection from the microbes which enhance infection of sinuses and leads to sinusitis.

Antibiotics help especially in bacterial infections. However if the sinusitis has resulted because of any infection from viral cold then it may not be effective. Yet if you take antibiotics, they will make some of the symptoms that cause discomfort to the patient subside. Some analgesics are also prescribed by doctors but with great caution. They keep in mind the nature and medical history of the patient.

Regular inhaling of steam treated with mint or eucalyptus oil helps in unblocking the nasal passages and in clearing the sinus. People esteem it as the most effective cure for sinus problems with absolutely no side effects. Similarly nasal sprays can also be used to cure sinus problems.

Recently, zinc treatment has become very popular as a cure for sinus problems. Doctors prescribe it either as gel or as tablets to cure sinus problems. The gel form is applied inside the nostrils while the tablet is put under the tongue of the patient. All these are methods to cure sinus problems which are acute. In chronic sinusitis they apply more care and precautions.

Vaporizers and decongestants are used to clear the stuffed nose and are required in most of the patients' cases. They make a patient's nose to run and thereby it gets cleared from clogged mucus. Nasal irrigation also serves the same purpose but without making the nose to run. It provides the moisture for clearing the passages and cure sinus problems. Clearing your nasal passages is the most important step to cure sinus problem. Because it prevents accumulation of mucus and further infection.

While undergoing treatment one is also supposed to maintain a healthy dietary regimen. This is essential to ensure that he or she gets cured without unnecessary delays and the problem does not persist or becomes chronic. Diet improves immune system of body. Taking required amount of vitamin C in your diet improves the immune system and having enough of carbohydrates ensures that the person remains energetic. Fluids especially those rich in proteins and minerals are also needed during sinusitis. However if the sinusitis becomes chronic and the general measures fail to cure sinus, doctors take into account sophisticated medication, lifestyle change and other measure to treat them. In case of failures of all techniques, surgery is the ultimate option.

You can treat your sinusitis like I did. But first don't use these treatments at all; they will just increase your Sinus Pain, rather than giving you relief.

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