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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sinus Surgery Recovery

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Sinus surgery recovery takes a little time but not more than 15 days even in severe or major operations. Proper care is very essential in your part in the post operation period in case of sinus surgery. This is because the organs of this area are very much vulnerable to hurt and disorder even in the slightest provocation. Hence the doctors always advice patients that they should take care of themselves at least for one week properly which would be the time to heal the incision or any other wound caused due to surgery.

Slight bleeding is common after surgery. You need to change the drips but if you find the drip pads soaked with too much blood even after two or three days of your surgery seek medical attention for this sinus surgery recovery. After one week or so you don't need to wear the drip pad.

Taking medications for pain and healing is very essential for sinus surgery recovery in time. You must not be irresponsible with your medications.

Don't blow your nose until the doctors say to do so. While applying nasal saline solution or spray be very careful to apply it gently. If there is a sneeze then open your mouth properly to sneeze this would reduce the pressure in the nostrils and won't hurt the operative area.

Sinus surgery recovery needs proper diet, plenty of water and rest too. You must not stress yourself and don't bend over too frequently to do any activity. Its recommended that you take one week rest and then proceed for all your normal duties. Don't smoke, drink or exercise for at least one month after surgery.

Removing the packaging of sinus surgery is quite painful hence you must take pain killers before one hour of removing the package. If your medications cause any side effects ask your doctor about that and tell him or her how do you feel.

While you undergo sinus surgery recovery you must call for a doctor or take immediate step if you find that there is too heavy bleeding or you need to change the drip pad after every 15 minutes. Also tell your doctor if there is redness and increased swelling on your face and eyes, fever of more than 100 F and the pain is not relived by medications.

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