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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sinusitis Treatment

Kill Your Sinus NOW!!!

Would You Like To Know How To Treat Your Sinusitis Step By Step? Just Come In!

If you are looking forward to knowing the various sinusitis treatments, then let me help you to know that sinus treatment depends a lot on factors like the infection and cause of sinus. Even the kind of sinus and your present health condition. The treatments for acute sinuses is different from chronic sinuses and again the treatments of infection sinuses is different from sinuses caused due to the growth of tissue or any lining of your inner nasal cavity.

The main goals of any sinusitis treatment are - to improve the graining of mucus so that it prevents congestion and reduce the pain and swelling the patient suffers from, get rid of infection and prevent formation of any scar tissues or any permanent damage of tissues in the inner lining of the mucus membrane of your nose.

Let us see one by one the sinusitis treatment methods applicable to sinusitis patients. First lets see what medications are prescribed by the doctor and what are their benefits.

Antibiotics: These medicines like amoxicillin are used for infections which are caused due to bacteria.

Decongestants: The medicines in this category are mainly to remove the congestion of the nose and also to reduce the inflammation of the inner lining if mucous membrane. Medicines like pseudoephedrine hydrochloride are prescribed.

Analgesics: These medicines are meant to reduce the pain in sinus treatment. Medicines like acetaminophen, aspirin, or ibuprofen etc are used for this purpose.

Mucolytics: These medications thins the mucus of the patient and let them come out easily.

Corticosteroid: The medicines which are prescribed under this treatment are prednisone, beclomethasone dipropionate and others. This is basically to reduce the inflammation of the nasal cavity which is hurt due to excessive sneezing and also congestion. Sometimes the medication is used in the form of nasal spray. This is a very widely practiced sinus treatment.

If your sinus is caused due to growth of tissue in the inner lining of your nasal cavity which intrudes the sinuses then the doctors would give medications which would eventually soften the growth and later burst it out. If the condition is severe and the intruded flesh part or lining doesn't respond to medication then sinus treat would demand surgery. There are three different types of surgery Image guided surgery, Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS), and Image guided surgery. Surgery would treat the problem forever.

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