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Friday, September 25, 2009

How to Cure Sinus Problems - The Best Method to Cure Your Sinus

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If you have been trying to find a solution for how to cure sinus problems, then you have landed in the right place. After finding out the exact cause of your sinus problems you should take care of a range of things, which includes rearranging your routine such as your diet, physical activity, and body cleansing.

Diet to cure sinus problems:

It is very important that those suffering from severe sinus problems must avoid toxins in their food. Now, what does toxin mean? Well, it is a noxious matter formed at some point during the metabolism and the growth of some micro-organisms and some higher animal and plant species. Simply put, it is a poisonous substance.

Now that you know what types of food to stay away from, here is what you must take in regularly. Include plenty of water in your diet. Vegetable juices, soups and broths are good for your sinuses. In addition, unrefined salt made of sea water will work excellently for your sinuses.

Physical activities that cold help solve your sinus problems:

Regular physical activities are considered to help in curing sinus problems. Swimming is advised, though it should be done in non chlorinated water. Jogging, walking, exercise, meditation, yoga are some of the physical activities that could relieve you of the stress and in the process the sinus problems that you have suffering from. However, exercise caution while you are involved in physical activities and do not wear out yourself.

Body Cleansing:

In view of the fact that you are already aware of what toxins are, make certain that you get rid of them on a regular basis. Though changes in your diet could do the trick, for some it may take more than that. In most of the cases toxins are concentrated in the internal organs affecting the total health. So body cleansing is required in such cases. In addition to it, body cleansing is vital not only to cure sinus problems but in preventing and curing a wide variety of other diseases also.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How to Cure Sinus Pressure - Tidbits to Cure Sinus Pressure

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Here is the solution to how to cure sinus pressure. This pressure is a tightness and pain behind the eyes and in the ears and unyielding pang in your face and head. It is otherwise known as sinus infection. It hampers you concentration and your tasks thereby decreasing your efficiency.

The best way to cure sinus pressure is to pin out the source of the problem. Air and fluid captivated in the sinus cavities is the outcome of this pressure. The only precaution we can take to prevent it is to maintain a healthy and clear nasal passage.

The root cause for the problem is said to be a bacteria, virus or a fungi. The infection causes irritation and swelling resulting in blocking the air, mucus and pus thereby causing the pressure.

This pressure is accompanied by fever, jaw pain and nasal discharge. To confirm you can also go for an X-ray or CT scan before you start on any medication.

Managing this pressure

This pressure is a very painful torment but ways to cure this are many. Usage of humidifier along with a wash can clear nasal blocks. Another way is to prevent allergies which trigger the inflammation resulting in pressure. You can even consult a doctor to spot your allergies. It could even be smoke and dust. Antibiotics help only with the bacteria. Decongestants and anti-inflammatory drugs could be used.

Finally on "how to cure sinus pressure" use hot pack on your face where the pressure is more. Steam inhale also is recommended.


It is recommended that patients should avoid blowing their nose frequently or too forcefully. In case of abundant postnasal drainage rinse your throat with a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of soda in a glass of warm water a number of times in a day.


If sinus pressure is not treated you may be inclined to future bacterial infections. So prevent and cure it to stop the pain caused by pressure.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How to Cure Sinus Pain - Ways and Means to Cure Sinus Pain

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Sinus pain can be of many types. The sole reason is sinusitis. Headaches, tooth ache, pain in the eye brow are only some of the pains associated with sinus. Ear aches and neck pain are also common. So, how to cure sinus pain? Well, there are number of ways and means to it. Here we shall chalk out a few immediate and effective measures that cater to your relief.

The inflamed lining of sinus cavities causes pain which could be due to bacteria, virus or allergy like pet dander, dust mites, mold, and pollen. The mucus builds up in the lining and discharges yellowish green mucus which is a result of cold or flu with the bacterial infection taking over.

Well known symptoms are like low fever, fatigue and greenish yellow nasal discharge. Temporary blindness and even tinge of blood may occur at times. Now, we shall see how to cure sinus pain.

Methods of Cure

  • Cure for sinus pain comes in umpteen ways. Antibiotics, nasal spray and decongestants can cure it. Even non medicated sprays like saline water spray are used to remove mucous causing pain. Medicated sprays are additive as against non-medicated sprays.
  • Humidifiers are also used to clear blocks thereby reducing pain.
  • Nasal irrigation is loosens mucus and lessens congestion.
  • Minimize socializing or use sanitary habits like washing hands, do not share napkins or towels.
  • Nicotine and tobacco smoke are major pollutants and reduces immunity to disease. Hence, it is advised to stop smoking which is also answer how to cure sinus pain.
  • Of course, if not of these fail to show improvement doctors can teach you how to cure the pain

This pain is a common feature as one out of ten gets affected. With these cures for pain you could stop worrying. Just follow a regular exercise along with a healthy diet.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How to Cure Sinus Infections - 9 Easy Ways of Curing Sinus

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There are millions of people who suffer from sinus problems every year. The treatments on how to cure sinus is also simple as it is acquiring one. If you one among the million there is no reason to worry. There is only one question running in their mind. How to cure sinus? Here we are presenting ways and means to heal it.

As you know a sinus infection is caused by the bacteria, fungus or virus. It is inflammation of the facial cavities around your nose, above the eyes and sides of your nose. It produces mucus which oozes through your nose. Thick greenish yellow mucus indicates symptoms of sinus. The mucus blocks these openings causing pain in the face, head, ears, teeth.

Five methods on how to cure sinus

  • Nutrition and proper diet with natural complement can reduce the inflammation and swelling.
  • Stop using artificial colors as chemical do not add any nutritional value.
  • Cleaning your bedding ones in a week to see that mite's mold or damp and other allergens are eliminated. Dusting your room regularly also helps.
  • Wash your nose with warm water or use nasal irrigators. Decongestants also help.
  • A good combination of medical and naturo-therapy ends your agony.
  • A cup of hot herbal tea has remedial effects. Even soups are effective. Avoid coffee as it is ineffective and is not a remedy to how to cure sinus.
  • Acupuncture and homeopathy medicines are more appropriate for this ailment.
  • Hot water packets can also give you needed result.
  • Adequate supply of zinc and vitamin C in the form of natural substances are answers to how to cure sinus

If none of the methods work it is high time you consult a doctor. Surgery is considered a final alternative.

Wrap up

These methods are surely an answer to how to cure sinus. So before getting infected by sinus it best to prevent them by following a simple and healthy cuisine getting rid of all the unwanted junk food which could very well stimulate a sinus infection.

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