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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Herbal Treatment For Sinus - How Sinus Can Be Treated With Herbs

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Most of the time when you have continuous problem of cold running nose congestion etc all through the year then it is probably sinus. Sinusitis occurs due to cold and allergies.

Today many opt for herbal medication as seem to give long lasting effect to the treatment than compared to any other treatment in which the infection re occurs.

Today herbal treatment for sinus comes in the form of pill that one can just pop into the mouth. Elaborate method to extract the juices need not done. There are many herbal practioners who brought these herbal medicines to our door steps.

Nasal irrigation with salt water solution is one good way to unblock stuffed nasal passage.This is done through yogic practice. A ceramic pot, known as a 'neti pot', is filled with a warm salt-water solution and poured through the nose to clear out sinus congestion which is a ideal herbal treatment.

Grape fruit seed extract is also very good for treating sinus. People with chronic sinus need to keep themselves warm and preferably have warm liquid intake. This will ease their discomfort.

Herbal treatment for sinus like Echinacea (Echinacea angustifolia), is useful if taken at the beginning of a cold or the flu. Echinacea is not an antibiotic; instead, it works by stimulating the production of white blood cells, speeding up their maturation within the lymphatic tissue, and speeding their movement to the spot of infection, where they help battle the intruders.

Goldenseal, (Hydrastis Canadensis) helps to lessen inflammation of the mucous membranes, such as those lining the throat, sinuses, and lungs allowing the tissues to carry on their defensive role.

Herbal treatment for sinus also involves Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus) which augments every phase of immune-system activity. It boosts the production and storage of interferon, matter that is warns the body to attacking viruses and bacteria and stimulates cells to initiate their resistance, and to boost interferon's effects in combating illnesses such as the common cold.

Bromelain, an enzyme procured from pineapple, relieves symptoms of acute sinusitis. Eucalyptus oil used in a steam inhalation helps clear nasal and sinus congestion.

We are providing natural treatment for sinus to thousands of people, if you would like to kick your sinus infection then use these sinus treatment.

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Herbal Sinus Treatment - How Sinus Infections Are Treated With Herbal Medicine

Kill Your Sinus NOW!!!

Would You Like To Know How To Treat Your Sinusitis Step By Step? Just Come In!

Every more and more people are down with Sinus infection. Antibiotic medicines do give relief to an extent but it is seen that in most people the infection comes back with a vengeance. Even surgery is not very effective as many months later it is seen the sinus passage fails to remain open. Sinus often causes inflammation of the mucous membrane which causes major discomfort to the patient.

Many of the infected people turn to herbal cure as they do not find much relief in allopathic way of medicine. The herbal medications have in use for centuries and they do not cause any ill side effects like the other medicines. Herbal treatment gives relief only after a continuous usage of many months.

Herbs like Angelica (angelica dahuria, the root of angelica dahuria is suggested for acute sinusitis as it encourages discharge of infected mucus and serves as the best herbal sinus treatment. It also relieves congestion in inflamed nasal passages.

Herbal sinus treatment such as Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus)- Astragalus root is recommended for its immune-boosting properties and can be considered one of the safe herbal sinus treatment. It is used to Controls the spread of infection, especially in upper respiratory tract. It is often combined with other therapeutic herbs to enhance their effects.

Colloidal Silver and Thuja clears foreign and antibiotic resistant infection from the area.

Echinacea - Echinacea helps improve the immune system and makes it work better. It is also known to destroy some viruses of the respiratory system through this herbal sinus treatment.

Slippery elm (Ulmus rubra) - Steam from infusion may also be inhaled for congestion relief. It soothes inflamed nasal and throat tissues. Helps drain mucus from nasal passages.

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) Anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic (controls coughing). Tea made from its leaf gives good relief from congestion.

Xanthium and magnolia - while magnolia helps expel phlegm, Xanthium (which is the roadside weed cocklebur) quells nasal inflammation and fights headache. It also helps in flare-ups, runny rose, yellow mucus.

Licorice - The root of this herb helps decrease inflammation and encourages the immune system to fight sinus infections. Rutin found in Black Currant fruit juice or Buckwheat Flour helps heal the fragile blood vessels.

Have you given your life completely to sinus infection; thinking there is no way out? Get your Sinus Treatments and Sinus Remedies.

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Herbal Remedies For Sinus - How Sinus Can Be Cured With Herbal Remedies

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Would You Like To Know How To Treat Your Sinusitis Step By Step? Just Come In!

People with sensitive sinus cavity find it very difficult when the weather turns cold or there is some pollutant in the air that they are allergic to. The mucus membrane engorges and discharge mucus from the nose. Some people have nasal blockage, severe headache and sometime sore throat and fever. This pulls the person down psychologically. Many a times a sinus attack can be really chronic.

It has been seen that people who take antibiotic drugs to treat the infection return within weeks or months seeking herbal remedies after the drugs or surgery fail to keep the sinus passages open. Thus it is imperative that sinus infection can be better corrected through herbal remedies for sinus. Due to the infection the immune system becomes weak and it becomes a perfect medium for the sinus bacteria to multiply and takes the infection to a chronic level. Keeping oneself warm is the first step that one can take to get some relief from the discomfort and headaches that is part of the sinus infection.

Herbal concoction and warm drinks can help in healing the mucus lining and sustaining the blood vessels. Ayurvedic herbs like Andrographis paniculata are very helpful as herbal remedies for sinus. Not just Ayurvedic herbal medicine but also the Chinese have many herbal remedies for sinus that can help to cure the infection. Xin Yi Hua (Magnolia Flower), Xi Xin (Asarum), Gao Ben (Straw Seed), Fang feng (Ledbouriella), Bai zhi (Angelica), Chuan xiong (Ligusticum), Sheng ma (Cimicifuga), Mu tong (Akebia) and Gan cao (Licorice) are all used to make the herbal medicine. The herbal remedies for sinus not only purify the blood but also clears the lymphatic system.

Vitamin C is also needed by the body to build immunity. One can take it in the form of supplement or have vitamin C enriched food. Colloidal silver, Thuja, Bromelain, Astragalus, Echinacea, Goldenseal et, are all very useful herbal remedies for sinus.

Would you like to know how I treated my sinus infection in 4 days without any drugs? If yes then visit sinus infection treatment or sinus relief.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Herbal Cure For Sinus - An Easy Cure Without Side Effects

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Sinus not only affects the person physically but also affects him psychologically. The major recurring problem with this is headache and stuffed nose. It is an allergic disease and can be set off by any kind of pollution. For many people the sinus cavity is one of the weakest and is very susceptible to any airborne contamination which causes infection. The body system produces thick mucus in order to get rid of extra calcium that enters the body through food intake.

Such people find it difficult to drain off the excess mucus and in turn it becomes an ideal place for bacteria to multiply. No matter how much antibiotics and nasal sprays are used to kill the infection, it recurs as some bacteria might have found immunity to the antibiotic.

The best way to deal with this infection is the herbal cure for sinus. Many a time's herbal cure for a sinus will not provide instant solution to the infection. It may take many months to be completely cured and have normal mucous. But unlike antibiotics, Herbal cure for sinus does not have any side effects. Herbal cure address the problem right at its root thus trying to eliminate its cause. This makes sure that the sinus infection does not reoccur again. This also helps in building immunity against the infection.

Vitamin C helps in curing sinus. Intake of vitamin must be increased for people who suffer from sinus infection. A diet rich in spinach broccoli, black tea, blue berries etc, are great herbal cure for sinus. Licorice powder is also another herbal cure. The inhalation of steam in which fenugreek seed has been added is a good cure. The intake of water boiled with this seed is also very helpful.

The inflamed mucus lining of the sinus cavity can be cured with herbal medicines and the patient can regain his health and normal stage of sensitivity. The infection will therefore not reoccur again.

We are providing natural treatment for sinus to thousands of people, if you would like to kick your sinus infection then use these sinus treatment.

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Get Rid Of A Sinus Infection Naturally

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Would You Like To Know How To Treat Your Sinusitis Step By Step? Just Come In!

Sinus infection is not something very deadly! They can be got rid of naturally. Yes, there are various ways to get rid of a sinus infection naturally. When you learn about the natural ways of treating sinus would realize that sometimes we neglect many things around us which are so beneficial to us. Let us see how you can beat the irritating sinus infections without taking medications. You will use simple home made remedies which not only cure your infection but treat the root of the problem permanently.

Sinus infections are generally caused due to bacteria and viruses or some other microorganisms. They can infect any of the four sinuses that we have in our facial region. When they infect the sinuses we call it sinusitis. The infections cause great trouble to a patient. A patient suffering from sinus infection experiences a lot of symptoms like headache, nasal congestion, pain in the facial areas, swollen face, irritation and many others. If you too had been suffering from such symptoms now its time you get rid of a sinus infection naturally. Let me tell you some secrets of natural products around us.

Grapefruit seed extract: You can use grapefruit seed extracts as drops into your nose to get rid of a sinus infection naturally. The drops are preferable to ingestion because the taste of the seed extract can be very much terrible. Never ever take the medication empty stomach.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar is a good supplement for beverage drinks for sinus patients. This would help in thinning the mucus that congest the nasal passage. Once you are free from congestion you will realize that your other problems like difficulty in breathing, headache disappears slowly. This is an effective treatment to get rid of a sinus infection naturally.

Hot Water Treatment: Expose your face to warm water and allow the treatment for five minutes everyday. The warmth not only relieves the pain and but also helps in killing the germs causing infections and gives a soothing effect to your nose.

Besides these natural treatments to get rid of a sinus infection naturally you must try to avoid those food that help in thickening of mucous. These are wheat, cheese, spicy food, milk, citrus fruits and to name a few.

When someone asks me How to treat Sinus, then I simple say them do not use these treatments, they will just increase your sinus pain.

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