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Thursday, August 27, 2009

How to Cure Sinus Congestion - Guidelines to Clear Your Sinus Congestion

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The root for all sinus related problems is congestion. So, How to cure sinus congestion? Here are some guidelines. This is an indication that our body protects us from an attack. Sinus congestion is different from common cold. So let's distinguish the two to get proper remedy. The difference is that the former is always associated with body pain, headaches, fever, tooth ache etc. Mucus which is thick and green or yellow in color means you have a problem on hand. Common cold had thin running nose.

Congestion could be triggered by infections, any irritants, Anatomic Problems, Allergies, Pollens, Dust and Dust Mites.

The aftermath of acquiring congestion is pain above the eyebrow, behind the eye and on one side of the face. You could have a running or blocked nose. Without treatment, sinus stays for a week. Situation worsens with multiplying bacteria and jams the nasal opening. This is the time you turn to treatments and remedial measures.


To cure sinus congestion the use of a decongestant and anti inflammatory drug is very common. Decongestants if used longer worsen congestion and promote dependency. Another demerit is that it constricts blood vessels so cut it out if you have heart disease or blood pressure. Another measure is nasal irrigation - mixture of salt water and a syringe to clear infected mucous from the nasal cavity. You can also inhale steam three times a day, though not scientifically proven it is a familiar home therapy. Humidifier is also utilized. Antibiotics can be taken if bacterial infection continues.

If all the above methods do not cure your sinus congestion, surgery is the last resort to remove congestion. The infected mucus is removed surgically. If it persists it moves to lungs and may put your life in danger. Early medication can relieve you of all the hassles.


Surprisingly, sinus congestions are not contagious so you can do your day to day work without being afraid of spreading it.

So what should to not catch and cure catch sinus congestion? Stay on a healthy diet, low fiber food, no meat. Avoid artificial coloring in the food you eat as chemicals lack nutritional value. Cayenne pepper on soup is a good remedy. Vitamin C supplement do help curtail the sickness.

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How to Cure a Sinus Infection - 10 Useful Tips on How to Cure a Sinus Infection

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Have you caught a sinus infection recently; there is nothing to be scared of. Just follow these instructions and they tell you how to cure it. Let us first known what a sinus infection is. Well it is simple. The nasal membrane gets infected by pollutions it could be anything between dust, mites, pollen etc and gets inflamed. If the cilium does not work properly the mucus will be trapped in the sinus and will cause an infection.

The symptoms of this infection are headache, sore throat, fever, cough, greenish yellow mucus discharge. A slight increase in body temperature is also seen and could be mistaken for flu.

General tips on how to cure sinus infection

  1. Keep your cilia system clean by washing them regularly with warm water.
  2. Immediate relief can be got from drinking hot drinks to keep the mucous flowing. Getting rid of discharge could clear an infection. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water to clear your system regularly.
  3. Try to get some fresh air. Do not always stay in an air-conditioned room as the dry air magnifies the condition. Avoid traveling in an air-conditioned vehicle when you have a contagion.
  4. Use wet bandages on your face dipped in warm water.
  5. Yoga expert use saline water in and out of their nose to clear congestion. If you find it difficult, use a syringe with salt water. A medical expert could also teach you how to cure sinus infection with an irrigator.
  6. You could also use a humidifier or a decongestant to wade off congestion.
  7. Hydro Pulse Nasal device or sinus irrigators are safe for children.
  8. Usage of aromatherapy is also effective, add a drop or two of eucalyptus or menthol oil to a bowl hot water and vaporize. Horseradish can be used in between a sandwich to restore health.
  9. Elevate your head while you are sleeping. Add two pillows and see the pain trimming down. The more your head is raised the better you feel.
  10. Sweep and mob your room regularly with a disinfectant to keep off allergens.

These therapies work better if put in use twice a day, particularly in winter. The list on how to cure sinus infection keeps on growing. Put a halt to it before it worsens and makes your life miserable.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

How to Cure a Sinus Headache - 4 Remedial Measures to Cure a Sinus Headache

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Sinus headaches are very disturbing resulting in lack of efficiency; it reduces your productivity in your work place as one is unable to concentrate in their work. It makes life miserable, crippling our day to day life. Morning freshness is taken over by headaches thereby making your life dull. How long could you go on with this? Say goodbye to the pain with our useful tidbits on how to a cure sinus headache.

The agony start in the morning when it is at its best, usually it is better by afternoon. But, by then your day is half over. Working people find it very awful as your mind and body does not cooperate with you.

A view on how to cure it

Just follow these simple steps and see your pain already vanishing.

Humidifier or nose decongestant removes the mucus in your nasal passage which is the cause for all the misery.

Although an immediate relief could be intake of aspirin or ibuprofen or other pain killer to get provisional respite, but of course it will come back if the sinus congestion is not treated carefully.

Antibiotics are also prescribed for bacterial cause of this ache.

Herbs like Barberry ( Berberis vulgaris ) and Eucalyptus ( Eucalyptus globulus ) are also used. Eucalyptus oil could be applied on the forehead and nose to clear the congestion.

If these methods do not show adequate results, a doctor only is an authority on how to cure sinus headache.

Home tips on how to cure this ache

  • Take some hot chicken soup or herbal tea to sooth your pain
  • Clear your nasal blocks using a nasal irrigator or saline water syringe which ultimately relieves you of your ache
  • Relax with your head above two pillows and lie straight.
  • Take hot water in a big bowl and add one or two drops of Eucalyptus oil and inhale the vapor, it provides immediate relief from congestion and thereby reduces pain

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How to Care For a Sinus Headache - Crucial Tips on How to Care For a Sinus Headache

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Sinusitis is the primary cause for your headaches, but how do you differentiate it with a regular migraine. Sinus causes inflammation in the channel behind the nose, cheeks and eyes. The mucous flow is always greenish yellow in color as compared to thin flow in regular case of cold.

Indications of having a sinus headache

The indications are throbbing pain on one particular area of your head or face. You could also see that the ache increases when you bend forward. It worsens during mornings and you feel a lot better in the afternoons. When ever you move from a hot room to a cold room or vice-versa the pain aggravates. The more severe your cold the more intensified is your ache.

Your course of action on how to care for a sinus headache

If you find your headache is going out of control the best way is take aspirin or ibuprofen which gives you immediate relief from pain although temporary. You can follow this with a nice hot cup of herbal tea.

A health care provider studies your case history and tells you how to care for a sinus headache. He checks for an inflammation in your nasal cavity. Showing a light through the sinus is another simple method; if the light does not pass through that means you have congestion. The doctor clears the inflammation thereby clearing your headaches using antibiotics.

Usage of a humidifier is also suggested to clear nasal blocks which give relief to your headache.

Treatments on how to care for a sinus headache are countless you could opt for acupuncture or homeopathic medicines.

Good nutritious supplements with a healthy diet could reduce the risk of your pain. You could use some of these with the advice of your dietician. Vitamin C supplies, Zinc, Probiotics, Bromelain and Cysteine.


To sum up on how to care for a sinus headache you should live-in a clean and hygienic surroundings. Taking care of the food and water you consume and catch up with sufficient rest.

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How to Avoid Sinus Infection - Simple Suggestions to Avoid Sinus Infections

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Instead of brooding over pain caused by sinus infection it is advisable to prevent them. We shall analyze some easy ways to overcome this difficulty. An infection can be acquired through many ways some are like result of cold or flu, bacteria, fungus etc. But how do we avoid sinus infection? Here we are with some useful suggestions.

How to stay away from sinus infection?

Keep the nasal passage clean by washing with warm water regularly. The cilia should be kept clean. Drink hot tea, it could be herbal, black or green. Any fluid can help your body from dehydration thereby avoids sinus infection. Coffee is considered to be deterrent. Even hot chicken soup helps.

Air avoids sinus infection as it is a mixture of oxygen and bacteria generally contains anaerobes which are fatal in the presence of gas.

An Air-conditioned room or a car may also instigate a sinus infection as it blows out dry air. A wet cloth dipped in warm water could be used on your face for a minimum of five to ten minutes. See to that the cloth or bandage is warm.

See how Yoga practitioner avoids sinus infection by treating it with saline water. They breathe-in and out salt water from the nose so the nasal cavities are cleaned. If this step is difficult, try sinus irrigator, it is widely used on children also.

In order to avoid sinus infection caused because of fungus you can follow these steps:

  • Do not eat sugar or grains as fungus feeds on them. You should create an environment which is hostile to these fungi.
  • In take of Fish or cod liver oil everyday improves your immune system as they contain Omega-3 fats like DHA and EPA in it. They even reduce the risk of cancer. Beware of supplements as they do not assure the same results.
  • Consuming coconut oil avoids risk of sinus infection as it contains lauric acid which is antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal. Also, make sure that the coconut oil you buy is made from fresh coconut and not dried ones as they are contaminated with mycotoxins.

Now these are surely counters on how to avoid sinus infection.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

How Do I Get Rid of Sinus Headache? - Ways to Relieve a Sinus Headache

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Are you suffering from throbbing sinus headaches? Are you not able to proceed with your daily chores leading to absenteeism and lack of productivity? Here is a solution to your problem. The causes, symptoms, treatments and preventions will follow...

Cause for sinus headache

Sinusitis is caused due to cold, allergies, fungal or bacterial infections. They can even be caused by problems with the immune system or problems in the nasal cavity. These changes can always start a headache. These are due to inflammation in the passage behind the cheeks, eyes and nose. Even respiratory infection or allergies could be a cause.


The symptoms are one can experience pain in one particular area of the face or head. Also, it hurts when bending forward. Pain increases in the mornings and with sudden change of temperature. Cold, flu and fever are common. Apart from this a sting in the upper teeth can be felt. Noise and bright light intensifies your headaches. They can alter your sense of smell and taste.


  1. It can be treated with aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen though they relieve pain temporarily.
  2. Relaxation techniques are the easiest way to heal.
  3. Acupuncture and homeopathic remedies aid in these cases.
  4. Vitamin C intake helps to ward of cold and thereby headaches caused by sinus.
  5. Use decongestants to reduce inflammation and get relief from pain.
  6. Barberry and Echinacea are common herbs used but check out for side effects.
  7. It is globally agreed that Homeopathy medicine cure well than other methods of medication. Belladona and Arsenicum album gives remedy.

Home remedies

If you are not familiar with English, Indian or Chinese methods do not worry simple home remedies are here. You can wet a towel in cold water and apply on your forehead till it becomes warm or eat jalapeno pepper. You can inhale peppermint or make a paste of dry ginger and mix it with some milk or water, then put it on your forehead.


A balanced diet with proper nutrition and supplements can be the only remedy for sinus headaches. Firstly, see to that your sinus inflammation is treated which automatically clears all related aliments.

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