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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What is Sinus Tarsi? - 3 Points to Know About Sinus Tarsi

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Learning on what is Sinus Tarsi. It is a small osseous canal which goes up to the ankle below the talus bone. It is the space surrounded between the talus and calcaneum. It is continuous medially with a thin tarsal canal. It comprises of a cervical tendon and the three roots of the inferior extensor retinaculum.

What is Sinus Tarsi and what does it constitute of? The sinus and the canal are full of blood vessels, which provide the necessary nutrition to the talus.

The pain is more sever in the hind foot and an injection in the sinus tarsi would give a relief from pain. The pain is due to vascular engorgement or it may be termed a nerve aggravation because of fibrosis. An ankle pain is inevitable; the ankle becomes inflamed because of the synovial fluid which is present in the sinus tarsi getting swollen.

What is sinus tarsi syndrome

  • You can feel the pain in the front and lateral part of the ankle.
  • The opening to the sinus tarsi becomes soft.
  • Unbearable pain is noticed on the ankle which is affected and usage of that ankle for any exercise causes ache.
One could come back to normal, if an injection is given to relieve pain. The case could be confirmed by a MRI scan which shows too much of fluid in sinus tarsi.

Dealing with what is sinus tarsi

Patients are requested to take adequate rest from painful work. Immediate relief could be sought by applying a cold pack of ice on the affected area. NSAID or a non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs could be used for prompt relief. Patients are requested to avoid discourse if they are taking treatment for asthma. Electrotherapy also reduces redness. Subtalar joint movements are essential for quick recovery from the pain. Biomechanical problems should be corrected like rotary motion. Exercises are necessary to bring back the required strength to the affected region. Wobble board is one such exercise.

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What is Sinus Tachycardia? - Some Useful Information on Sinus Tachycardia

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What is sinus tachycardia. It occurs when the sinus rhythm goes above 100 beats per minute in an adult individual. They are regularly asymptomatic. Sinus trachycadia is normally associated with myocardial infarction. It is colloquially called sinus tach or sinus tachy. The rhythm increases and it starts from sinatorial node. The normal heart beat is 60-100 beats/min. In infants the rate is 110-150 BPM and older people have a lesser beat.

What are sinus tachycardia body signals? The indication is dizziness, chest pain, anxiety, shortness of breath is some of the ills of the disease. With exercising, stress, flight, fright and anger the rhythm could increase. These psychological situations could stimulate the sinus rhythms.

What is sinus tachycardia drug therapy? The most significant treatment is drug therapy. When going for therapy a patient's case history and medical history should be taken into account. This children and breast feeding mothers are not advisable to take this treatment. Sinus node is the main focal point. Normally cardiac medicines tend to show negative reaction for a person who has acquired sinus node aberration. A thorough observation is important to cure the disease.

At times electric treatments and injections are required to bring the heart beat to normal. The heart beat should be brought to normal before further complications develop. The hearts functions could be hampered if they are not treated properly.

Radio frequency catheter ablation could also be used as a treatment for sinus tachycardia. Patients who do not want to go for medication shall try this as they respond more quickly. In other words it is removal of sinus node using the methods of surgery. But it is advisable that sinus node be adjusted instead of completely removing it. It is basically done to regulate the sinus tachycardia as they are source for the signs.

What is sinus tachycardia and why should it be cured soon? The final step to treating sinus tachycardia is surgery; however, it is the final resort. An open heart surgery with cardio pulmonary bypass is needed to deal with the situation. This is resorted only when all the other treatments fail to prove their results.

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What is Sinus Pause? - Why Should Sinus Pause Need Immediate Medical Attention

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Pause means break, so what is sinus pause. It is a break in the regular sinus rhythm which lasts longer than the exact multiple period of the sinus cycle. It is related to the sinus node and the atrioventricular node. They are responsible for conducting signals which is used to detect the pacemaker. Sick sinus is the most lethal of sinus infections. It is an abnormal state of increase in heart rate which leads to seizure and leads to death. It is found in older people.

It is an interruption in the heart beat. The symptoms are vigorous, alternative, fast or slow heart beats or a long gap between two beats. This small pause is called sinus pause. This may lead to dizziness or lightheadedness.

What is sinus pause crisis? Actually speaking they do not cause any hazard, but if the pause is too long and the beats highly erratic then you have a crisis on hand. This could even lead to a heart attack or other cardiovascular snags.

A check on what is sinus pause. If you have a doubt that it could be a symptom of sinus pause, you should immediately consult a doctor and check your ECG (Electrocardiogram) which could detect the hiatus. The physician then studies the ECG curves and tells you if you have a sinus pause or not. If it is a case of sinus pause, medication should be given and you could see the difference.

What is Sinus pause and what is sinus block

Both have a slight variation of the rhythm which may lead to asystole meaning an absence of electrical activity.

Treatments depend on the patient's heart status. Good medication, temporary or a permanent pacemaker is suggested for this complication.

If you ask a layman about what is sinus pause, they may tell you it is gap occurred between two consecutive sinuses. This misunderstanding occurs due to the similarity in the name.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

What is Sinus Node? - A Detailed Description on What is Sinus Node

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In proper term, what is sinus node? Sinus node generates electrical impulses and conducts them throughout the muscle of the heart, thereby making the heart to contract and push blood throughout the body. It is rudimentary to transmitting the blood throughout the system. It is otherwise called the pacemaker. The term sinus node was first coined in 967. It is situated in the upper chamber of the heart and electrical impulses are produced there. It is also called SA node in short. These signals move from each cell to reach the atrioventricular node (AV node). A group of cell is placed in the center of the heart between the atria and ventricles. From the AV node it passes to the ventricles along special fibers embedded in the walls.

Simply, it is cells residing in the atrium of the heart. The atrium is where the electrical impulses start. They perform diverse functions. It is the natural pacemaker of the heart which is intended to contract and expand for pumping blood into the arteries and Venacava. They conduct electrical impulse all over the muscular region of your heart.

A view of sinus node

In an overall view on what is sinus node. It is a quick atrial rhythm, but in a broader sense it includes sinusitis arrest, atrial fibrillation, exit blocks etc.

The automatic nervous system controls the blood pressure and triggers cardiac cycle. They can transmit message quickly, thereby increasing the heart rate twice the normal. This response is required during exercises to increase the heart beat to increase the need for oxygen.

So, what is sinus node dysfunction? It is called sinusitis, which means the cells are not functioning properly to conduct the heart rhythm. This disease is complicated and seldom occurs. The ratio is 3:5000.

So, if hereafter somebody asks you what is sinus node, do not get confused, explain that it is a pacemaker of the heart which helps in pumping blood to the arteries.

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What is Sinus Drainage? - Ways to Stop Sinus Drainage

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A brief idea on what is sinus drainage

Sinus drainage starts when the mucus lining gets irritated and turns out excess mucus. Mucus is generated to keep the nasal passage clean. This may be termed as post nasal drip which could lead to bad breath.

Bad breadth could be due to many factors like food you intake to improper oral hygiene and medical complications like diabetics and gum disease. Bad odor is usually associated with sinus drainage. Ironically, the smell as such comes from the mouth and not nose.

Tips on what is sinus drainage and how to cure it

Germs are a major part of sinus infection and it has to be killed. Germs have abhorrence to heat and that is why we boil the water we drink. A hot cup of tea is an immediate relief because the heat helps to drain sinus. The nasal passageways should be kept clean, draining the sinus. If you do not want to take hot vapors, you could always go for a hot shower or a visit a steam room.

Sinus could be drained by drinking lot of fluids, 6-8 glasses of water a day is needed to keep your system clean. This could flush your system. Cleaning your system could clear your sinus. Beware of aerated drinks and caffeinated beverages as they are of no help. Hot soup could also be of great help.

Nasal sprays and decongestants are also available to clear the blocks.

What is sinus drainage remedy to a long lasting problem? Apart from the above remedies over the counter medication are also available. If the problem persists consult your doctor.

These steps could definitely drain your sinus and you could see getting to know what is sinus drainage is lot more easily than you ever predicted.

Today's modern world requires a lot of more elegant personality not only with pleasing manners but also a healthy look. A person is judged not only by his habits but also by his clean ways of living. In this socializing environment where you meet people often a bad oral breath could ruin your relationships. Keep in mind your associations with the outer world.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What is Sinus Congestion? - Getting Familiar With Sinus Congestion

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Before learning what sinus congestion let is us know what is Sinus. It is a cavity in the skull that filled with air. It helps in adjusting the regulation of air. It is also called nasal congestion as one of the four pairs of sinus pathways in the skull may be blocked. It results in inflammation and swelling of the nasal tissues. They are seen on the either sides of our nose helps to control air pressure around the nasal area. There are seven sinus cavities.

They are two types of sinus congestions they could be acute or chronic cases. Acute sinus is called common cold. Chronic sinus congestion may be caused due to allergens like tobacco, food allergens, dust, mites, pollen etc. It may lead to impaired flow of fluids in the sinus which may be caused due to bacterial infection.

Where does the pain occur?

Since we know what sinus congestion is, let's see where the pain occurs. You can feel throbbing pain in the areas behind your eyes, on the cheekbone, on the eyebrow and a nasal block is inevitable. The cavities are obstructed thereby barring the normal sinus secretion. The pain is more on one side of the nose. One could acquire cold and hay fever due to this infection.

What is sinus congestion and who gets them

Sinus congestion occurs extensively in children and the problem is detected only after they are five years old. An unbearable pressure develops in and around the nasal cavity.

Suggestive methods on what is sinus congestion reveal the following

  • The food you take should be low on fiber. Avoid meat, white bread to get relief. Drop these from your diet and you already feel a lot more better.
  • Artificial colors are added chemicals which mat cause stuffiness in few people. It should be borne in mind that chemicals do not have any nutritive value.
  • Natural remedies can be sought from rubbing eucalyptus oil on the areas of stuffiness.
  • Pressure points can also be massaged using your fingers.
Two major disorders are sited with chronic nasal congestion which may lead to lymphocytic leukemia and HIV. Therefore, a nasal congestion lasting for a period more than three months should be analyzed by a doctor.

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What is Sinus Bradycardia - Understanding Sinus Bradycardia Better

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What is sinus bradycardia and where does it start from. Sinus bradycardia starts from the sinus node; it is a heart rhythm and has a rate of fewer than 60 beats per minute (bps). Simple words on what is sinus bradycardia they are the sinus beat when a resting heart strikes 60 bps or even less. The sinus rhythms cause a P-wave on the ECG which means it is normal in terms of both amplitude and vector. They are tagged on with QRS complex and T waves.

A normal baby should have a heart beat of 150 bps; Bradycardia decelerates the premature baby's heart to less than 100 beats per minute. Infection, anemia, change in body temperature, hypoglycemia, airway problems, neurological difficulties are caused due to Bradycardia.

What are sinus bradycardia symptoms?

Sinus bradycardia does not normally have any symptoms. But at times there are indications like dizziness, lightheadedness; exercise intolerance, chest pain and succinctness of breath are seen.

The problems that result due to bradycardia are of two types: they are sinatorial node (SA node) disorder and atrioventricular node (AV node) disorder. The former is called sick sinus syndrome and is due to the weakened conduction of the impulse from the sinus node. The later may result due to weakened conduction in the AV node or even underneath in the bundle of HIS. This may be acquired congenitally (disorder by birth). It is found most commonly in elderly patients.

What is sinus bradycardia cure?

Treatment for asymptomatic patients is not signified, but symptomatic patients should be corrected of underlying electrolyte and acid base disorder. Intravenous atropine gives relief temporarily. Previously isoproterenol was used in patients with bradycardia, but due to the increase in risk its usage has been lessened. Temporary pacing also is recommended for patients who are not responsive to atropine although transcutaneous pacing is the primary choice for physicians.

The medication techniques include therapy and supratherapeutic doses of digitalis glycosides, beta-blockers and calcium channel blocking agents. Cardiac drugs are also used.

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What is Sinus Arrhythmia? - Facts on What is Sinus Arrhythmia

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In medical terminology "The normal increase in heart rate that occurs during inspiration (when you breathe in). This is a natural response and is more accentuated in children than adults".

The pacemaker of the heart is called sinoatrial node. Normal cardiac stimulus starts from the right atrium (the right upper chamber of the heart) and travels through the atria and down to the ventricles (the lower chambers of the heart). The fast movement of the heartbeat is called Sinus tachycardia. It is due to exercise, excitement, pain, exertion or over secretion of the thyroid hormone. Usage of caffeine also stimulates fast heartbeat. So lack of normal sinus rhythm is called arrhythmia. In simple words it is abnormal heart rhythm.

In simple terminology on what is sinus arrhythmia. It may be described as slowing down of heart while exhaling and increasing of heart beat while inhaling. The anomaly should be treated immediate or else it may prove fatal.

What is sinus arrhythmia confused with. It is always confused with heart disease. Even a person who does not have a heart disease could have acute sinus arrhythmia ailment. Sometimes, it is also found to co-exist with a heart disorder A patient in this case is most likely to die of heart illness than sinus arrhythmia.

Sinus arrhythmia should not be confused with sinus bradycardia. Sinus arrhythmia affects the vagus nerve which activates the nervous system which controls the heart beat resulting in the failure of medulla oblongata. It sends wrong signals to the heart decreasing the heart rate. It occurs mostly in middle-aged adults. The situation worsens with increase in age.

Common indications

A person infected by this disease feels dizzy or breathless. You could experience that your heart has missed a beat or faintness. One should not get confused with the normal course unless it becomes too obvious. Medical attention is required at this stage.

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