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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Some Common Sinus Problems

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Sinusitis is a very common ailment prevalent in different parts of the world. All most all sinus sufferers experience some common sinus problems. These problems interrupt their works in day today lives and they find it very difficult to adjust their routine with such problems of sinusitis. Sometimes the problems may become so severe that they become bed ridden. Let us see what are these problems and what can be done to solve them.

The very common sinus problems are the symptoms associated with it. The symptoms of sinuses are as follows- Nasal congestion without any symptom of flu attack. Difficult in breathing. If you find that either of your nasal passage suddenly start feeling blocked and you haven't been attacked by flu, you may have infections in the sinuses. There may also be abnormal growth of some nasal tissue intruding the path of nasal passage.

Severe headache and pain in the areas around your eyes are also problems of sinus. Such pains remain more than two days and come back after the effect of mediation is over. You may also experience pain in some other areas of the face and have ear ache and toothache. Many people have complained of pain in teeth jaws, and inner ear. Some kind of irritability is felt in the nose which leads to excessive sneezing. You will find that there is something that is irritating the inner part of your nose and you would go on sneezing. Rubbing or patting the nose doesn't give any relief from these symptoms of sinusitis problems. If you are a sufferer of such problems cheer up! These sinus problems have some effective solutions.

The treatments of sinus problems depend a lot on the factor as what has caused these problems. If its minute congestion and headache is little the doctors would suggest you medications to remove the blockages and headache. If the problem is due to infections by bacteria then they try to give medicines like antibiotics to kill the germs. In case of tumor growing they prefer surgery if medications fail to burst the tumor and disperse it.

Besides getting medical help a person suffering from sinus problems can look forward to some home care which are holistic in approach are effective in nature like hot vapor inhalation, heat pack, yoga and others.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sinusitis Relief

Kill Your Sinus NOW!!!

Would You Like To Know How To Treat Your Sinusitis Step By Step? Just Come In!

Sinus infection being an allergy which is very common to encounter and easy to be prone to; requires a very handy treatment procedure and perhaps that is the reason why we come across so many medications for sinusitis relief.

One of the solutions of sinusitis relief is surgery. Surgery is done for the removal of the infected Sinuses, that is of the cavities that swell and trap air as well as other secretions like mucus etc which results in the exertion of pressure on the sinus walls which leads to headaches and other discomforts. This procedure for relief from sinusitis is generally not preferred by many people because of the expenses involved in the process as well as with the fear attached to the word "operation/surgery" even though it is somewhere close to complete cure.

The markets are therefore flooded with different kinds of medications for sinusitis relief like pain killers, anti-congestants, decongestants etc., which are generally not recommended for stretched use. These methods of sinusitis relief appear pale when compared with home medications that work wonders though temporarily. But these at the same time are, not complemented with side effects. Let us start with home medications that one can avail if he/she does not have an access to medicines right away. To Start with inhaling steam or peppermint steam applying gentle heat on the inflamed area, saline nasal spray, eating jalapeno pepper, etc., are some of the very frequently used techniques.

But in acute cases one can use pain killers like Asprin and its prototypes to get immediate relief from pain and decongestants like Sudafed. Many decongestants are also available in the spray form which work faster to provide relief because they reach the anterior nasal mucosa and reduces its size and reaches the upper mucosa thereby enabling the normal functioning for at least three to four hours. Apart from these immediate medications there is also an alternative of using an anti bacterial course of Augmentin at 500mg three times a day, for three weeks or fluconazole for fungal infection if that is the case.

The medications prescribed for sinusitis relief are targeted only towards the widening of the sinus passage which would in turn drain water and other secretions with ease.

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