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Friday, September 24, 2010

What is the Sinus?

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In Latin, Sinus is what can be ascribed as 'bosom', 'pocket', 'bay' or better still 'curve'. However, when it comes to the typical anatomical jargon, Sinus is what is used for different cavities or passages within the biology of a man.

This sack or cavity is the resultant of a fissure caused by the destruction of a tissue. To the average layman's question 'what is the sinus?' can be best explained as the passages that have been created near the nasal overtures so as to accommodate air in the cranium of the skull. Sinusitis is also what, in the simpler sense of the term, is used for an infected tract between the skin and its abscess. However, when you ask what is sinus it should not be confused with fistula.

Here the discussion on what is this sinus will basically be on sinusitis and we will discuss some common problems of sinusitis and how they can be treated. If your sinuses are infected by bacteria you will have the following sinusitis symptoms:

1. You will experience nasal congestion and there may be discharge with thick pus which may be yellowish-green or simply yellowish in color.

2. You may also experience pain on teeth when you bend downwards. The symptoms may vary depending on the sinus infected.

3. The symptoms may continue for more than 10 days and they worsen after 5-6 days from infestation.

4. Sometimes patients may experience severe headache along with nasal congestion. They may also experience pain in some particular areas of the face.

5. The eyes may appear red, bulge a little and may be painful. Lets now move on to the treatments of what is the sinus discussion. What medications are prescribed by the doctor and what are their usefulness. These medicines like amoxicillin are used for infections which are caused due to bacteria. The medicines in this category are mainly to remove the congestion of the nose and also to reduce the inflammation of the inner lining if mucous membrane. Medicines like pseudoephedrine hydrochloride are prescribed. These medicines are meant to reduce the pain in sinus treatment. Medicines like acetaminophen, aspirin, or ibuprofen etc are used for this purpose.

''What is this sinus?'' is a broad question. And you will get lots of answers related to this question because 'sinus' is used to describe many medical terms in your body like the cells in your heart responsible for heart rhythm are called sinus node and so on and so forth.

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